10 Cubans sites to take amazing pictures


There are dissimilar Cuban sites in which you can make the most amazing photos. Beaches, cities and rural areas offer breathtaking landscapes combining perfectly the flora and fauna that characterizes them. From waterfalls, trails, cities in ruins, valleys, everything we take a tour starting from the west, where we can propose the 10 Cuban sites where you can take the most spectacular pictures in Cuba.


Valle-de-VinalesIn Viñales you can enjoy watching the beauty of the Viñales Valley National Park from your balcony, located in a privileged position over the valley and allows not only observe it in all its magnitude, but take the most amazing photos of the place. Here is a beautiful landscape full of mystery, where you can admire the palm trees and hummocks, mounds of karst formation that occur as far as the eye. Similarly, the Viñales Valley, has the largest cave system in Cuba, highlighting the Cueva del Indio, crossed by the river San Juan, and Santo Tomas, the Greater Antilles, with 45 miles.


Soroa-orquidearioThis is a truly lovely part of the Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Rosario, one of the finest nature reserves in western Cuba. Here you can enjoy the main attraction, orchids, over 700 species from around the world and located in its world-famous orchid of 35 thousand square meters. Similarly you can make great pictures if he look in their paths, such as “the green route of French coffee plantations” and “hill route the hillock pool of love.” No less attractive are its artificial pools, springs, and jumps as Bayate River Falls where the waters are light and rainbow trails. Soroa also has a viewpoint of 250 meters above sea level, offering stunning views of mountain landscapes.

3.Morro-Cabaña Complex

castillo-morroA unique position to see Havana or make multiple pictures, is the Lighthouse of the Morro Castle, the most formidable fortified America in the seventeenth century. From here you can see a beautiful panorama of the Cuban capital, particularly in Old Havana and the area surrounding the Malecon. It may also be part and keep a memory of Canon ceremony at 9:00 pm, held in the cabin, keeping a tradition dating back centuries.

4.Havana Seawall

seawallOne of the most delightful to those who live in or are visiting Havana, is its recognized Seawall. This strip marks the boundary between Havana and the sea, is the daily meeting point for thousands of people from one end to the other come to rest, talk, play music, or photographing the sea or the city. The Seawall is beautiful any time of day, from sunrise to sunset, and no doubt that if we talk about photography, this is one of the places to visit in Havana. Spectacular images showing the northern coast of Havana’s Vedado, Havana Bay, the Morro, Centro Habana, La Habana Vieja, and various accommodations nestled particularly in the area of Paseo Avenue; and monuments of important personalities are also taken from different angles of the pier, where it often also is recorded.

5.Playa Giron

Playa GirOn_cueva_de_los_peces_5Playa Giron is a place of fascinating history linked closely to the process of Cuban independence. It is precisely because of the characteristics of this area, which was chosen as strategic scenario. Playa Giron is a small beach located south of the western province of Matanzas. One of the biggest attractions of Playa Giron and Matanzas province, is its renowned Cave of Fishes. This is an amazing crystal clear natural pool over 70 feet deep which communicates with the sea by an underground tunnel, and in which diving is allowed. If you have underwater digital cameras, take the opportunity and record this amazing place full of beautiful fish of different species.


VaraderoTake great pictures on the beach is easy, given the many attractions of this type of landscape. That is why in Varadero, one of the most visited tourist destinations at present due to its remarkable charm that make the difference with the rest of Cuban beaches, take the most spectacular pictures of a beach environment. You can find 22 kilometers of fine white sand, and a breathtaking stretch of warm water and blue combine to form a unique landscape in the world. Some of these beaches can be enjoyed a very beautiful forest, with some plant species typical of the island-like palm trees, and this is complemented perfectly, with corals living in deep coastal and allow snorkeling.

7.Topes de Collantes

Topes de CollantesLocated 800 meters above sea level and 110km square is located Topes de Collantes, an option if it is indispensable to combine nature and health. Topes de Collantes National Park is one that exhibits an extraordinary natural landscape protected, holder of numerous endemic species of flora and fauna. From this paradise, you can admire and photograph the beautiful landscapes of caves furrowed by underground rivers, paths lined with medicinal and ornamental plants. Similarly impressive result waterfalls with drops of up to 60 meters, which bind to beautiful and crystalline springs. The indescribable beauty of Topes de Collantes, a heaven above, is another of our suggestions to register through the lens of your camera.

8.Trinidad and the Ingenios Valley

valle de los IngeniosIf you are attracted by the ruins of ancient cities with their first buildings, Trinidad and the Valley of Mills, offer you the opportunity to approach its history, its rich culture and many spectacular sites linked to the past. Endorsed by UNESCO with the title of World Heritage Site, the city of Trinidad, known as the City Museum of Cuba, owes its birth to the sugar industry. This city has been considered a living museum of sugar, which combines features of the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Its architecture is one of the main attractions and some of its most important representatives are the Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral of the Blessed Trinity. The Ingenios Valley, located near the city, is a real archaeological monument to the sugar industry, preserving ruins that once were plantations, slave quarters, summer houses and other facilities related to the manufacture of sugar.

9.El Nicho

el nichoEl Nicho is tucked between the mountains of the park belonging to Guanayara Guamuhaya mountainous Massif (also known as Sierra del Escambray) in the province of Cienfuegos. Wonderful paradise with dozens of waterfalls and natural ponds in an area virtually untouched characterized by green vegetation and picturesque rural towns. It is impossible to visit el Nicho without your beautiful photos flamingos and other seabirds, as well as ferns and orchids abound in the place. In this incredible site are Aboriginal and some waste has become the subject of legends of pirates and privateers. El Nicho is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of our country.

10.King´s Gardens

Jardines_del_Rey_-_Playa_FlamingoLocated at north of the province of Ciego de Avila is the group of keys which together respond to the colonial name of King´s Garden. This is now regarded as one of the most important tourist destinations and fastest-growing in the country, and owes its success largely to a combination of natural features of exceptional beauty in each of its keys and vicinity. The territory comprising King´s Garden, has among its main attractions with 5 miles of beautiful beaches and most beautiful of them is at the end ofCayo Guillermo and is called Playa Pilar. Also impressive are its varied birdlife with over 200 species and numerous colonies of flamingos and the conservation status of marine and terrestrial ecosystems. It is a place to make the most spectacular underwater photos and this is due to the closeness you have a coral reef 400 kilometers, considered by experts as the second largest worldwide, after the Australian; and the various activities that are allowed to dive for scuba divers. In Cayo Guillermo, for example, may look into his heavenly sea, which are comparable to a giant aquarium. The sun, beach and white sand, flora and fauna, and its wonderful and unique underwater world, deals are irreplaceable for any lover of photography. These are the 10 sites we recommend for great photos in Cuba, which does not mean they are the only ones. Check it out, and share with us your photos.


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