5 diving spots in Cuba that will make you say Wow!


If you’ve ever dived in Cuban waters, surely you match resulting in an extraordinary experience. This is because our island is provided with an authentic and well preserved marine flora and fauna. Different and attractive diving spots appear in front us to enjoy the best of the days under the sea. However, when it comes to choosing an amazing destination for an experience unparalleled, then we must turn our attention to five key points. These are 5 dive sites you’ll want to return again and again and always will find something new. Clear water like you’ve never seen in life, with a spectacular underwater landscape.

Takes note and make the best choice.

1. Jardines de la Reina

jardinesJardines de la Reina is located 60 miles off the southern coast of Cuba, a virtually unexplored natural environment. It’s 250 small islands corals and mangroves bathed for a turquoise sea, which has a unique and varied flora and fauna. Declared Natural Marine Park in 1996, this archipelago has deposits with abundant coral formations as well as the largest populations of adult fish in the Caribbean. Noted for its quantity and variety of Groupers, Snappers and Sharks. The latter are one of the major  atractions whe we dive in Jardines de la Reina, and they have the opportunity to easily interact.

2. Punta Francés, El Colony. Isla de la Juventud

ColonyIn Punta Francés Marine National Park is another attractive great dive sites on the island. A high rate of endemism in a virtually untouched area, come together to make the area one of the most picturesque. The International Diving Center The Colony has 56 amazing dive sites. Exuberants coral reefs, caves, passages, tunnels and a variety of fish such as mackerel, shad, grunts, schoolmasters, and yellowtail snappers spadefish, are some of the attractions you will find under the sea. In the diving area of Punta Francés you can also find the area of sunken ships and Indian Key, two large well-protected regions and conserved, many highlights that make this destination position among the best diving in the world.

3. María la Gorda. Pinar del Río

maria-gordaLocated west of the island in Pinar del Río, María la Gorda is considered a natural paradise under the warm, clear waters of Guanahacabibes Peninsula. With over 50 dive sites, this dive area is characterized by abundant marine species like barracudas, groupers and snappers, caves, and the extraordinary beauty of black corals. For those who like adventure, the diving area María la Gorda reserves some of their sites where you can find cannons, anchors, and sunken treasures, shipwrecks samples of old eighteenth century galleons that sailed these seas. The clear and colorful contrasts seabed, the warmth of its waters, the variety of species and beautiful of corals are enough attributes and thats why not few experts positioned this amazing dive destination, in the top 10 of Latin American subcontinent.

4. Playa Girón

gironTo the south of the province of Matanzas is one of the most attractive diving areas for those who like dive. Playa Giron can enjoy open water diving and cave diving in cenotes and caves flooded brackish water. Seabed are distinguished by the presence of beautiful colonies of black coral, multi-colored sponges, tube baskets and bowls, gorgonias and tropical fish. Without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of the dive at Playa Giron are its vertical walls, their wrecks, elkhorn coral, leaf coral, star corals, sea fans, and the largest wetland in Cuba and the Caribbean islands.

5. Santa Lucía

santa-luciaMany experts agree that the diving spot in Santa Lucia is one of the most fascinating of the island. This criterion is related to the existence north of the province of Camagüey, the world’s second largest coral reef, one of the main attractions of the area. The barrier reef leads to the formation of an extensive and spectacular natural pool with clear and calm waters. He has more than 30 dive sites inhabited dissimilar crustaceans, mollusks, and many colorful fish. There are also the remains of a sunken Spanish colonial fort and some wrecks nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. What makes this destination equally fascinating  is the bull shark show. Numerous specimens of this species are fed from the hand of the instructors of the dive center Shark’s Friends, and you can enjoy up close with related counseling.

If you already planned your dive vacation this year, it might be good rethink and to include some of these locations, and if you’re still undecided, our proposals can lead you directly to a good choice. Our beaches, climate and good service will accompany you throughout your stay on the island. Enjoy these truly amazing dive destinations and share us your opinions, experiences and concerns.


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