Bella Perla Marina


The owners of “Bella Perla Marina” Amileidis and Waldo have over 12 years of experience renting. House built in 1952, very well maintained and decorated with Art Deco style, located just 100 meters from the main avenue (Paseo del Prado). All furniture, lamps and ornaments are vintage, most valuable. The house has a large garden with a terrace where you can see much of the city and bay. They rented three rooms, each with private bathroom and central water heater for all bathrooms in the house, one room is a Suite which features a queen Imperial 2 x 2 meters and 2 beds of 1.40 x 1.90 meters with exterior balcony and a spectacular view of our bay and city. Bella Perla Marina has parking available for tourists in the city center and with a viewpoint from which you can see the whole city and the bay. Waldo and Amileidis do everything in their power so that people who choose to stay at home to enjoy days filled with love, peace and warmth, this is his “golden rule”. They put a lot of love in everything you do but especially preparing meals and toilet room. He speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Address: Calle 39 # 5818 entre 58 y 60, Cienfuegos

You can check update pictures at

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