Casa Nilson Abalat


Casa Nilson rent one amazing bedrom in the center of Baracoa with all facilities. A nice terrace at the rrof top is the best place to enjoy breakfast dinners and drinks.

Address: Flor Crombet no.143 e/ Ciro Frias y Pelayo Cuervo, Baracoa

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One review on “Casa Nilson Abalat

  1. mario

    Casa Nilson is nothing like the photos. In reality it is a huge disappointment and I would never recommend it to anyone. I was there in September 2013. Casa Nilson is just 1 room. You dont have access to the kitchen and there is no salon. The terrace has been converted to a restaurant and the kitchen is now used exclusively by the restaurant. This is not mentioned at all on any of the websites. When you rent Casa Nilson, all you get is a simple bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom is dark and the windows are tiny and located high up on the wall, so you cannot see outside. The bathroom is oddly shaped and stinky. You have to walk through the shower in order to get to the sink and toilet. It’s all very strange and I was not expecting it at all. I stayed there for one night and quickly left. I do not recommend it to anybody.

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