Hostal Hechemendía


Hostal Hechemnedía offer 3 bedrooms with all facilities, including air conditioner, private bathrooms, etc.


In Trinidad by the year 1830 and 1839 were built many houses arranged in two bays front with nice living room, the center connected by arches, chambers or bedrooms on each side and galleries arches on wood, with doors closed blinds and media typical points Trinidadians as fans. This home is a true exponent of the colonial architecture has been preserved by the different generations to this day. Today despite having undergone minor changes is among the most conserved houses and valued by the Office of the Curator of the City.
Its walls enclose the memorable story of men who have been recognized in the historical memory of the city as was Jose Antonio Font and Bandrich, worthy of prime commanding Trinidad mayor and his son the Doctor. Herr José Antonio Font and renowned lawyer and amateur photographer who had honor of being one of the pioneers in this art, Spanish descent Andorra Vouchers. Offer three rooms for rent to tourists. The house is still inhabited by the family named Font, Font and Mrs. Concepcion, daughter, niece and her husband and daughters. In the room you can enjoy not only the colonial atmosphere that emanates the house itself but also the familiar warmth of Cubans.

Address: Gustavo Izquierdo 105 A (Gloria). Entre Simón Bolívar (Desengaño) y Piro Guinart (Boca). Trinidad

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