Hostal Mercedes Cabrera


Hostal Mercedes is located in Trinidad,Cuba, this house was built in 2001, the construction project was based on the colonial style that prevails in the city, and has living room, parlor, four bedrooms with private baths, air-conditioned (hot and cold), inner hallway, kitchen, covered terraces and balconies on the third floor which ínsita sunbathing for a tan and splendid views the city, the sea and the mountains and in turn watch the sunset in comfortable rocking chairs perfect to enjoy a good Cuban mojito, a refreshing beer glass and a delicious dinner for your palate, this house is located on the side of Snuff Factory (Cuban Cigars) at 200m Céspedes Park, 800m from the main square and 100 meters from the International Clinic,your hosts Mr. José Carlos Matamoros Mechanical and Industrial Engineer with experience Yaily Mora and legal permission for hosting tourists since 2010. In our city customers can get a perfect tourist and even more with our help as in Trinidad there are great trips to the mountains and waterfalls, travel horses in which you know the beauty of our landscapes and ancient hidden buildings on the trails, life Night is well agitated with traditional Cuban music accompanied by professional dancers can enjoy them in the House of Music, House of Trova, El Palenque, The Ruins of Theatre Bruned the Disco Ayala impressive natural structure which makes is an unforgettable visit. On the coast, near Trinidad, is a very beautiful beach renowned for the clarity of the water “Playa Ancon.” In our house you can get excellent service.

Address: Manuel Puerto No 6A e/ Anastasio Cárdenas y Pedro Zerquera

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