Sra. Cristo


Sra. Cristo has 3 rooms, 1 ensuite and 1 bathroom rental for the remaining two quarters, garden, balcony to the street, window in every room and the room rent two windows to the street industry and the other to the street trocadero and a corridor to the quarter-stones jaimanita, air conditioners in all 3 bedrooms with their fans, the house is a very good location, points of reference: the walk of the brown, and the hotel Capitol Sevilla and arewithin the limits of Old Havana and Central Havana, the owner we are christ mercedes and dominated the English and Italian my family is made up of my son, my granddaughter, my mother and my daughter and I am a graduate of comprehensive markering market in the Faculty of Accounting and Finance University of Havana, working 25 years in business where I have experienced the treatment and customer service.

Address: Street Trocadero #203, Apt. 4 Downstairs floor / Industria & Crespo, Border Old Havana.

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